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Lyudmila Beschastnova. Art

The life and work of Lyudmila Beschastnova is a living example that if a person from birth, laid the bright grain of talent, it sooner or later gives the good result. Let no one in his youth, but in mature age, that the more valuable, since the person's soul already has some experience and multifaceted experience that can be embodied in his work.
Lyudmila Beschastnova was born July 10, 1957 in the city Mikhaylov, Ryazan region. She dreams about becoming a professional artist from the early childhood, and in 14 years went to Moscow to enter the Art School. Unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful. In order not to lose the gift of time, Lyudmila entered into the first technical school. It was the Dzerzhinsky's Railway Engineering College. Later she's finished another All-Union Correspondence Engineering-Construction Institute. For many years, she was the engineer in a closed CCD.

Fortunately for Lyudmila, chance brought her to the spiritual guides and teachers who helped her to reconsider all of her existence, and to remember her true desires and dreams, buried under the life's circumstances.
Thus began a new stage in her life. As a mature woman, she entered Moscow Sechenov's medical school. She studied the Oriental medicine at the Academy “Su-DZhok”. Graduated set of courses of bioenergetics, acupuncture and has diplomas: hypnologist, psychic, etc.

She has the title of Member of International Association “Revival of the planet”. Successfully completed training at the Center for Space Development "Zventa-Sventana". She also worked at the Tibetan Academy with the famous White Lama, V.F. Vostokov about 8 years.

Studying the philosophy of life, occult sciences, she realized her human relationship with the macro and microcosm, felt the harmony with the world. Lyudmila had helping people to find the peace of mind and physical health for many years.
The natural talent and rich life experiences have enabled the artist to realize her feeling on the canvas and the inner, deeper understanding of beauty.

As a result of working with oil and canvas, Lyudmila concluded that:
Color has the matter and energy of action.
Color is the transformation of the God's light in the color of the earth.
Seven celestial colors, plus white and black, nine in total - is the color of the earthly world.
On the properties of color is based not only painting, but also a number of sciences.
Color treatment gives excellent results.
Light - the phenomenon of the Divine and at the same time of earth.

Color influencing the person is transformed into light, bringing the relief to the earthly pains and sorrows.
God's ways are inscrutable. Fate brought Lyudmila Beschastnova and one abbot of the Temple together. Their meeting facilitated the birth of the very first and most dear to the artist's heart paint - the Icon of Divine Mother of the Joy and Consolation, which she has invested all her soul.
Traveling through the Greece, Lyudmila visited monasteries "Meteors". The look of these mighty mountains left an indelible impression and inspired her to create a wonderful landscape with the Temple of the Most Holy Trinity.

One of the most beloved painters of the artist - a portrait of a woman named Larissa. Seeing her, Lyudmila felt an irresistible desire to paint a portrait of this woman. Larissa, according to Lyudmila’s opinion, a new standard in women's individuality, beauty, wisdom and hidden inner strength. A woman of the portrait has the amazing eyes. Clever, slightly mocking eyes of a man experienced the bitterness of defeat and the joy of victories, but under no circumstances, do not lose their spirit and love for life in all its manifestations. The wisdom of man who sees through hypocrisy, stupidity and vulgarity. Woman's hand, folded in her lap - a symbol of hidden strength. Portrait of "Larissa", on my opinion, can be considered as a kind of Gioconda of our time.
Not quite a common paint "Flight of the soul" attracts the interest. Indeed, our soul - truly golden comet of desires, rushing across the sky of life. And the small lion of our wishes lives somewhere in the heart, in the most concentrated of the golden rays ...
All Lyudmila’s pictures affect the inner depth, the subtlety of perception of the life. In her paintings the artist was able to show the essence of human dreams, the most delicate subtle shades of the universe. There are "The Birth" and "Lake of Love", and others ...
In each of her painting Ludmila puts her soul, her heart, her tremendous vitality, and this is a lively response in all people who are familiar with her creativity.

Alena Kudryavtseva


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